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Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia Travel Guide

Geography and climate


Cambodia is located in the south-east Asia, eastern and south-eastern borders with Vietnam, Laos and northern neighbors, western and north-western border with Thailand, southwest brink of the Gulf of Siam. An area of 181,040 square kilometers, the capital city of Phnom Penh.

time difference : Beijing time than an hour late.


to Cambodia Department of low latitude areas, is a tropical climate, November to April is Cambodia's winter, blowing cooler than dry northeast monsoon, The average temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, is the best tourist season. May to October in summer, due to the impact of the southwest monsoon, the temperature hovered around 33 ° C, with abundant rainfall, relative humidity as high as 90%.

history, economic

Year a century, Cambodia today in the southern part of the people to establish early in Southeast Asia was the most powerful one in the realm of supporting the South. Later helping Southern States moderated gradually decline, in the seventh century as the rise of the North Zhenla by mergers. Zhenla kingdom existed over nine century can be divided into the early Zhenla, Angkor Dynasty and the late Zhenla three times. Them from the 9th century to the early 15th century the Kingdom of Angkor, Zhenla heyday in the history of the period.

16 century, Zhenla renamed Cambodia. From then on until the mid-19th century, Cambodia were in complete decline period, is not as strong neighboring countries Siam strong neighboring countries, is to become the country of Vietnam. Meanwhile, Vietnam from the 17th century to the mid-18th century gradually invaded Cambodia in the Mekong Delta region, today the formation of the Southern Vietnam. France in 1863 reduced the protection, and in 1887 merged with the French Indo-China Federation. World War II (1939-1945) during the Japanese occupation.

1945 Japan in August surrender, October the same year, were re-French control. November 9, 1953, Cambodia (from the Kingdom of Cambodia at that time) was an independent. The following year in July on the issue of Indochina in the Geneva meeting, the independent Cambodia participants unanimously recognized power.

March 18, 1970. Lon Nol-Shi Group Matak Lane while Sihanouk, Cambodia's head of state abroad the opportunity to launch a coup. Prince Sihanouk to overthrow the leadership of the government of the Kingdom. Sihanouk resident in Beijing, established in the same year the Cambodian National Unity Front and the Royal government of national unity, committed to topple Lon Nol regime. April 17, 1975, victory. January 1976 promulgation of the new constitution, changing the country known as Democratic Kampuchea, the abolition of the monarchy. In April 1976, Prince Sihanouk resigned as head of state. Pol Pot for the premiership of the new government. Cambodian ruling party to the Communist Party.

December 25, 1978 more than 10 Vietnamese troops invaded Cambodia 10000 Cambodia, January 10, 1979 to establish a puppet regime in Phnom Penh. Cambodian military and started a resistance struggle to save more. In October 1979 the Khmer People's National Liberation Front formed. March 26, 1981, Prince Sihanouk of Cambodia for the establishment of an independent, neutral, Peaceful and Cooperative Cambodia.

December 6, 1981. Cambodia CPC Central Committee announced the dissolution of the Communist Party of Kampuchea. In July 9 Sihanouk issued a statement declaring the democratic coalition government in Cambodia formed. September 1990. resistance forces in Cambodia in Phnom Penh with regard to the tripartite representatives met in Jakarta announced the formation of Cambodia's Supreme National Committee. In July 1991, King was elected president of the Cambodian Supreme National Committee. October 23, the International Conference on Cambodia in Paris. signed "" Cambodia conflict comprehensive political settlement agreement "" (commonly known as "" Paris Agreement ""). February 28, 1992, the UN Security Council adopted its resolution No. 745, decided to establish the United Nations in Cambodia transition period Provisional Authority, responsible for implementing "" Paris Agreement "".

May 1993 23-28, Cambodian Constituent Assembly elections in Cambodia in the United Nations transitional authority in the transition period of the organization and supervision, elected 120 delegates to the constitutional conference. June 14, the Constituent Assembly adopted a resolution Prince Sihanouk resume March 18, 1970 before the coup, and the reputation of the head of state, have all powers to the King of Wales. June 23, FUNCINPEC party, the People's Party and the Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party and other three factions of the armed forces announced that the Joint Implementation. June 30, the Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party Chairman James Soong-elected as Chairman of the Constituent Assembly. September 21 Constituent Assembly adopted a new constitution, decided to resume the constitutional monarchy. September 24, Prince Sihanouk signed the new constitution, Cambodia became a constitutional monarchy restored in the Kingdom, Constituent Assembly to the National Assembly. That night, Prince Sihanouk ascended the throne for King, appointed Ranariddh of Cambodia's First Prime Minister, Hun Sen, the second prime minister.

economic 3333333333333333333333 Cambodia is
traditional agricultural country, in addition to long colonial rule and the recent war damage, the economy is backward, a hundred things to do, people live in poverty. After the founding of the Royal government, a free market economy, privatization, encourage and attract investment, active in economic cooperation with foreign countries, for foreign and international organizations. Rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts have made certain progress.
Industry Overview

( 1) agriculture in the economy of Cambodia, which is an important position, and the arable land area of 6.7 million hectares. National agricultural population accounts for about 90% of the total population, arable land area of 6.7 million hectares. Main products are rice, corn, potatoes, etc.. Mekong basin and along the Tonle Sap lake famous for producing rice, cash crops are rubber, pepper, cotton, tobacco, jute and so on. In 1996 the total output value of agriculture to 1.28 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 4.9%. GDP accounted for 41.6%.

(2) weak industrial base, with a monotonous. Since the end of 1991 a free market economy, a number of factories to private. Cambodia about 70 state-run industrial enterprises, are now almost all Cambodian merchant leasing business at home and abroad. Cambodia still more than 30,000 homes handicraft enterprises, mainly engaged in daily native Small commodity production. Constitute the industrial sector, followed by the economically active population for the manufacturing, construction, mining, electricity and water supply. 1996 industrial output value of 520 million U.S. dollars last year, up 10.9%, accounting for GNP to 17%.
major economic indicators GDP (1996) : About

3.06 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 6% GNP per capita (1996) : 292 U.S. dollars at an average annual inflation rate : 7% unemployment rate (1996) :

special attention to respect monks, women must not contact monk Whether there is not other people's hands first. In Cambodia, there are many taboos and the guests have to pay attention to compliance. Cambodians believe that the right hand clean, and left the dirt, eating with the right hand, gave others the right to use items or hands, In particular, eat things, we must not forget that the other side would refuse to accept; not casually touch hands of the head of the child, Buddhist Cambodians think this will give the children bring disaster; girls can drive kicked cats, Otherwise people will think that the girls will not be able to find a documentary; Several people living a bedroom. young people a place to sleep no more than the older the bed and took off his shoes, others can fly in the heads side; call on the clergy should delinking outdoor shoes, then entered the house; Cambodia hot weather, the locals are accustomed to the showers, Before welcoming guests, or to visit the others first, showers and changing into clean clothes; according to the water areas near the river. Women and men are not allowed in a pond or lake to take a bath, and the elders and the younger generation must also be separated. Bathing in the river. men in the upstream, downstream women, but must be separated by some distance.

Cambodian Tourism

Cambodian Tourism

Day 1 : Shanghai-Phnom Penh living : Phnom Penh

Shanghai Pudong Airport FM833 (19:45-23:00) took airliner flew to the Cambodian capital-Phnom Penh, After the car arrived at the hotel if the rest. No.

day : Phnom Penh-Siem Reap-lived heyday Buchan Hill : Siem Reap

after breakfast to-BUS in northern Cambodia Siem Reap Province (SIEM REAP) (approximately 5.5 hours drive). Immediately brilliant cultural tours, you seem to have in time for him. Then start to the urban area limousine tour, visit a local gift shop to select their favorite souvenirs. In the evening at Angkor Buchan Hill sunset tours on board the high slope about 60 meters, went to the Buchan Mountain Peak here may be a panoramic view of the whole Angkor Wat, along with the sun sets return to a temporary end to the urban surprised amazing Angkor cultural tours, tomorrow adjourned.

Day 3 : Siem Reap live : Siem Reap

After breakfast, went to one of the world's seven wonders, Located in the paradise on earth -- -- [Angkor, which has long drowned in the jungle until the 19th century were not found. Angkor total construction area of 24-km long, eight km wide, yes Khmer Angkor Dynasty heyday as the enduring legacy of religious buildings and the city's exquisite carving, "carving out Wang city" reputation with the Egyptian pyramid out with the seven wonders of the world; First City to the chips -- Angkor, Angkor Thom there are five Shing Mun, Shing Mun 20 meters high, carved on the Shing Mun as a Simianbi. [Khmer people of the world call it -- smile, and then a tour of 54 large and small pagoda constitute a large pagoda temple of the Palestinian-jung, struggle like Taiwan, to visit the temple -- [Go early, the temple built in the 12 century, enshrined Brahmanism and Buddhism. enormous trees in the wall plate Guitar door of the temple, famous for its spectacular; century old haunted Millennium rocks it seems like the love-hate romance. Then went on to Angkor Thom, 21 kilometers northeast, 35 km from the provincial capital of the [classes Dishilei ancient temple -- also known as the Imperial Palace -- [female, built in the tenth century, Year 2967, in which the Roman V-Gaya Dynasty, here as enshrined Brahmanism one of the three main gods of the god Shiva -- 【. Since the construction of this temple stone blocks for the beautiful pink, The temple, with its murals all Angkor Wat is the most refined small beauty is that the Cambodia of an ancient civilization Po.

4th day : breakfast Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Municipal BUS return. First ride to visit the Royal Palace [Temple -- gold and silver cabinet, Let 1.9.1994 slowly and carefully with your Master tours Cambodian nation unique in the construction and legendary fable, allows you to a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the past glorious history of Cambodia. After subsequent killings by the film Battlefield of the bridge cloy Yang watts bridge to the cruise ship terminal touring took Phnom Penh Municipal unique natural Landscape River arm [4]. Special arrangements for the Company to guests at the exclusive ones to enjoy afternoon tea, and list four arm River scenery You can see the ground is different from elsewhere "boat dwellers there." Then went to the [central market -- free to buy local souvenirs, dinner evacuation of Phnom Penh airport.

fifth day : Phnom Penh-Shanghai

end happily Run, take FM834 (23:50-05:05) flights to Shanghai.

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Cambodia's Khmer Rouge

April 17, 1975 Cambodian unforgettable day. On this day, the Khmer Rouge Bandaojing the Lon Nol government, the Khmer Rouge began the "first year" (Year Zero). Khmer Rouge soldiers loaded guns, forced urban residents "new faces" to transform the countryside. Several days and nights, all people in Phnom Penh were forced to leave their ancestral home and give up all the property, become downright proletariat.

September 1975. Cambodian Khmer Rouge leaders should request the return to Phnom Penh. January 5, 1976, promulgation of the new constitution, changing the country known as Democratic Kampuchea, also announced the abolition of monarchy.

Khmer Rouge that the city is the ugly symbol of capitalism. It will corrupt cadres and the masses. To build an ideal society, we must destroy cities. Khmer Rouge announced in 10 to 15 years modernizing the country. Cambodian put into an agricultural society, it will begin to promote the original implementation in the liberated areas of the cooperative system. And the abolition of the currency market, DAMA, and full implementation of supply constraints. Collective labor men, women and children in public canteens collective meals. Khmer Rouge prohibits private ownership of property, the abolition of the family, or even marriage by the organization, married couples to live separately. Prohibit people from engaging in religious activities, ordered monks to flee. As knowledge of the crime, the absence of formal schools, banned books and publications. People can not flow freely. National Post is no telecommunications, no hospitals.

Cambodia airport departure tax

Cambodia airport departure tax dollars, we must use U.S. dollars to pay for the airport. In the country well after the other side to be more worthwhile.

I asked the tour guide is basically a carriage How many more appropriate guide is general in the country will 1,000 yuan convertible into dollars with the past was better. This of course depends on you personal consumption or to power.

also listen to the tour guide said : Cambodia airport staff when you cross the money to you, you can tell him your money. General staff will be working in the 5th, you answered it five times.

guides added : a team of 20 people, in front of an ordinary person to the enemy, for the people must pay. Therefore, we must unify their thinking oh ~~~

Cambodia visas and tickets

Phnom Penh can do in the neighboring countries of the visa. Vietnam visa the same day with $ 60, with $ 30 the next day, after three days with $ 28.

Lao visa is $ 40. But do not know how strange visas to Thailand, many are not GH agent.

Royal Palace in Phnom Penh $ 3, to $ 2 outdoor photography. Prison museum $ 2. Wat phnom $ 1.
Angkor Tickets : Visit of $ 20 a day, $ 40 for three days. $ 60 for seven days. Tickets are sealed with a photograph, if you have no pictures of the scene can be free snapshot. Keep tickets often have staff to inspect.

Cambodia firms

Shanghai have direct Phnom Penh aircraft, every Tuesday, five, Shanghai Aviation FM933/944. original vote 6330+42 (tax), general about 3000 will be obtained.

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. $ 55+10 aircraft, speedboats, $ 22, $ 8 for air-conditioned cars. Very poor road conditions, 10 hours potholes jolt, it is not recommended to use. First to buy tickets on first, you will have to ship sitting on top, having fallen for five hours, very little room, he looked very dangerous, Although not caused any accidents. CAPITOL every morning 6;30 sent free car terminal. Traffic

city for motorcycle, The MOTO 2, 3 are known as TOTO. Regardless of distance are usually $ 1, to kill the market except as it is more distant suburbs around $ 6. Angkor general recommendations to hire more people so good or so cars TOYo TA cars, $ 15-20/ days. van (10) $ Bulgaria, Ecuador days. MOTO$4-5/ days, if last Fall and beatery seri that day to $ 10/min. days. Very far, can be seen along the mines and tropical scenery, the wind in the face of pain. Living in a general GH will provide hire services.

close to Phnom Penh from Sai Kung, tickets $ 79, Siem Reap to the Sai Kung have $ 105. Can also take the bus, about eight hours after the two countries border on foot down when necessary. Cambodia only heard a stifled, Vietnam has three. Good traffic, fares only $ 6. The Vietnamese side also boats along the Mekong River into Cambodia on the 3rd YOU.

Living in Cambodia

From the airport, and drivers will tell you no room Capitol. 'll recommend to the HOTEL. Phnom Penh Hotel, TV, air conditioning, hot water bath, but prices are 20-40$/ days. The river has many GUESTHOUSE choice, with air-conditioned rooms general 7$ alone. Back-Packers Spend recommendation or live Capitol Guesthouse or Naring Guestho use, convertible downstairs alone, restaurants, offices and tourist visa, a very convenient. Capitol without air conditioning, hot water, toilet rooms containing only 6$/ days, three beds, the average 17 yuan talent, very clean is also cheaper, of the country would have never thought of living to 10 a few dollars more places. Hellohappy air-conditioned rooms 15$/ days, but in Capito l next door. There is also an Internet cafe downstairs.

Siem Reap are two five-star hotels, 300$/ days, reportedly often so packed that the majority of Japanese. Feeling than the city of Phnom Penh close many, There are many clean Elementary also many stories of the GUESTHOUSE, Phnom Penh prices slightly higher. it is a good environment. Popular Guest House and Simlying are very famous, If the way to Siem Reap, then the pier has a free shuttle bus. No air conditioning with toilet demarcation of the 9$/ days without air conditioning without toilets blood 7$/ days. Po pular distance very close to the old market, I like it, the balcony restaurant. Every weekend, it will be organized Guest beer parties, in the upstairs balconies, watch them dance in the courtyard. blinking stars in the head, it will be very happy.